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Acceptable Use Policy

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Charlotte County Public Schools would like to offer your child access to our electronic communications system. Your child will be able to communicate with other schools, colleges, organizations, and individuals around the world, through the Internet and other electronic information systems.

Part of the division’s responsibility in preparing students for the 21st century is to provide them access to the tools they will be using as adults. The global information network will likely be one of those tools. Through the division’s electronic information system, your child will have access to hundreds of databases, libraries, and computer services from all over the world. We accept the responsibility for teaching your child about his/her role as a “network citizen” and the code of ethics involved with this new “global community”.

Student responsibility comes with this educational opportunity. It is important that you and your child read the division policy, guidelines and agreement form and discuss these requirements together. Please note that the Internet is an association of diverse communication and information networks. It is possible that your child may come across material of adult content, some of which you might find objectionable. (The division takes a no tolerance approach to accessing such material and will hold students responsible for their actions.) Precautions will be taken to prevent unauthorized access, but it is not possible to prevent such access completely.

Please review the following materials carefully with your child before signing the required agreement form.

  • The division’s Internet Policy and Acceptable Use regulations. A Student User Agreement Form is included in the Policy for your child to read and sign stating his/her agreement to follow division policies regarding the Internet.

This agreement requires your signature and will be kept on file at the school in your child’s permanent folder, to remain in effect until otherwise stated.


Robbie Mason