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Regulations for Out of Zone Attendance

CCPS Regulations for Out-of-Zone Attendance


Students attending Charlotte County Public Schools are required to attend the elementary school located within the school zone in which the child resides. The following exceptions apply to this regulation:


1} If a student attends a CCPS elementary school and he or she moves into a different school zone, the parent may elect to keep his or her child in the original school if the parent agrees to provide transportation. This exemption also allows siblings of that child to continue attending the original school. Students will not be transported by the school division from one zone to another except in the cases described below.


2} The school division may request that a parent allow their child to attend an elementary school outside of their school zone to assist in balancing the number of students with specific health conditions (ex: diabetics} in our elementary schools. School division transportation may be provided when such a request is made by the school division and approved by the parent.


3} Students who are required by Individualized Education Plans (IEP} or Section 504 plans to receive services that the home school cannot provide may be allowed to attend an elementary school out-of zone that provides those required services. School division transportation may be provided.


4} Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE} is currently taught only at BDES. Once students progress from ECSE to Kindergarten, they will be required to  attend their in-zone elementary school.


Requests for out-of-zone approval must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent's Office. An approval/denial letter will be mailed to the parent   once the request has been considered.