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DE, Advanced Placement, & Special Programs

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Gifted Education

Charlotte County Public Schools recognizes that within its population, each student is a unique individual who has the right to be provided with educational opportunities geared toward their individual differences, exceptional abilities, interests, and needs. CCPS is committed to providing Gifted/Talented learners an educational program that provides opportunities for enhanced, differentiated academic instruction and enrichment across a board range of disciplines.

The identification, an ongoing process, is conducted by the school system through periodic screenings. Teachers, parents, students, or a community member may submit a referral.  Once a referral is made, the parent must consent for the student to be evaluated.  Once all components of the evaluation have been completed, the Identification/Placement committee considers all assessments/components of the child’s demonstrated ability and intellectual aptitude, achievement, and student products for acceptance into the Gifted/Talented Program If a student is found eligible, with parental permission, he/she can begin to participate in the specifically designed instruction.

Each year, our division must report the status of Gifted Education to our local school board. This is compiled and submitted with the approval of our Local Advisory Committee for Exceptional Students. Each five years, our division must submit a Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted to the Virginia Department of Education, detailing our program guidelines and procedures.

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