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When bad weather is in the forecast, the transportation department begins checking the roads. The superintendent makes the decision to either delay the opening of school, close schools early or cancel school. The superintendent will strive to have a decision by 6 a.m. so that local television and radio stations can broadcast the information. In addition, you may call 434-542-5659 for information on school closings.

On days with delays or closings a notification will be sent by 6:15 am to all parents, students and staff using the School Messenger System. If you happen to miss a call from the school and wish to check on delays or closings, please call the School Messenger Automated Notification System at 844.242.6715 to hear the recorded message. In addition, school closings will be announced on the following television and radio stations:

Emergency School Closings
Emergency school closings will be announced on the following television & radio stations:

WSET Channel 13 Lynchburg
WSLS Channel 10 Roanoke
WDBJ Channel 7 Roanoke
WFXR Channel 21 & 27 Fox (Lynchburg/Roanoke)
WTVR Channel 6 Richmond

WFLO 870 AM - 95.7 FM Farmville
WYYD 107.9 FM Lynchburg
WSLQ 99.1 Roanoke
WHLF FM 95.3 South Boston

In addition, closings will be posted on the web site: www.ccpsk12.org.

School Messenger broadcasts will be sent to all parents.

School Delays
If schools are opening one hour late, parents should have their children at the bus stop one hour later than the regular time. If school is delayed for two hours, children should be at the bus stop two hours later than the regular time. A modified breakfast is served on the one hour delay schedule and NO breakfast is served on the two hour delay schedule; however, lunch is served.

PLEASE NOTE: Breakfast choices on days when school opens one hour late may not be those listed on the menu for that day. Preparation time will be the determining factor. Cereal, possibly with graham crackers instead of toast, will always be offered and there will be a second choice. Sausage biscuits will not be offered as a third choice at the secondary level.

Early School Closings
When schools close early due to inclement weather, all athletic events and after-school activities are cancelled and will be rescheduled. Parents should make arrangements early in the year for those students that must go to a residence other than their own in the event of early school closings. Please make your child's school aware of these arrangements.

Transportation Information
Charlotte's bus system is one of the best in the state for safety and efficiency of operation. Questions and concerns about buses and bus schedules should be directed to Mrs. Katrina Viar. Disciplinary problems on the buses should be reported to the school principal.

School Bus Safety
The safety of each child riding a school bus in Charlotte County is very important to us. We are committed to providing safe and efficient transportation for your child and ask that you assist us in our efforts.

Please read with your child the REGULATIONS FOR PUPILS. It is important that you and your child understand the regulations covering his or her conduct while riding a Charlotte County school bus. Please encourage your child to abide by the regulations in the interest of his or her safety. The principal has the authority to discipline the pupils attending school and/or while traveling to and from school. The principal also has the authority to revoke the privilege of school bus transportation from pupils who cause disciplinary problems that pose a hazard to the safety of other pupils or the bus driver and/or the overall safe operation of the bus.

Charlotte County Public Schools buses are equipped with audio and video cameras. Please STOP for school buses loading and unloading students.
The code of Virginia, Section 22.1-176 states, in part, that "County School Boards may provide for the transportation of pupils; but nothing herein contained shall be construed as requiring such transportation&". Charlotte County provides convenient transportation for all students, K - 12. Students must abide by State and School Board rules.

Regulations for Pupils Riding School Buses

1. Each student is required to be ready to board the bus on schedule at his/her respective stop since the bus cannot wait for tardy students.

2. The student should get on the bus, take his/her proper seat and remain in that seat until reaching his/her destination.

3. Students will get on and off the bus in an unhurried, orderly manner.

4. Students will have assigned seats.

5. Students must obey the bus driver promptly.

6. Students are to respect the rights and property of fellow students on the bus.

7. Students should never stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.

8. Students should always avoid unnecessary talk to the bus driver.

9. The use of profane or obscene language will not be tolerated.

10. Arms and heads must be kept inside the bus windows at all times.

11. Feet must be kept off seats at all times.

12. Students will not leave their regular bus and ride another bus without the proper permission.

13. Students will not get off the bus away from their regular stop without proper permission.

14. When leaving the bus, students who must cross the road are to walk at least ten feet in front of the bus.

15. Students will not throw objects on, from, or at a school bus.

16. Students will pay for damage done to the bus when not obeying the bus rules.

17. Laser lights or yo-yos are not allowed on the bus at any time.

18. Any athletic or band equipment must be secured and can not block the bus aisle.