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Federal Programs

Title I: Improving Academic Achievement

 Title I funds support the PreSchool programs at Eureka Elementary and Phenix Elementary, as well as school-wide programs (K-5) at Eureka Elementary School, Bacon District Elementary School, and Phenix Elementary School. Additional resources and supplementary materials are provided to help all students learn and succeed academically and socially.

Title II-A: Improving Teacher/Principal Quality

Title II-A funds may be used for  high-quality professional development (based on scientifically-based research) for teachers, principals, administrators, and other school personnel and/or for reduction of class size.  Currently, two teachers’ salaries are funded to ensure low student/teacher ratios at the elementary level.

Title III: Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient Students

Title III funds are provided to support the increase of English proficiency of students for whom English is a second language.  Charlotte County is a member of the Title III Statewide Consortium.

Title V-B or the Rural Education Initiative

Title V-B funds address the specific needs of rural and low income school divisions. Charlotte County directs these funds toward professional development and instructional technology activities and resources.

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